“The Jerry and Maggie Story” began in October of 2012 when I was working in Okinawa, Japan and Jerry was home in Colorado.  We met on ChristianMingle and corresponded long-distance every day until December of 2012 when we met in Hawaii for our first date.  We had a plan, just in case we didn’t hit it off; I would go to my beach and he would go to his.  But… we did hit it off and had our first Christmas together at the same time we had our first date!

Both Jerry and I have been single for many years and we knew that we could live on our own, even though that was NOT the desire of our hearts. We individually made decisions to put our faith first and rely on that before we took control of the reigns. We also have experienced both sides of a broken heart, and both of us were interested in avoiding that experience at all costs. We made a decision to create a friendship with each other that was solid, that worked!

After we spent time together, all of the other desires seemed to fall into place. We are both at peace, content and VERY thankful we waited for ChristianMingle to be the tool to plop us together… on a beach, in paradise, and ultimately, for the remaining time we have here on earth!

Thank you again ChristianMingle.

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