I joined ChristianMingle in July 2011.  I was on this site for just a year and a half. I was never on a dating site before. I took 9 years off before I joined an online dating site, or before ChristianMingle. I was always in abusive relationships, so I decided to put God first for those 9 years to heal and go on missionary trips and go to Bible school for a few years.

I did meet men on the site in that 1 year and a 1/2, but nothing sparked with some of them till I met my husband because a lot of the guys wanted kids or to date someone without a handicap. I can’t have kids and my husband knows that and is ok with that. 

I was a lot older when I met Lanny.  Lanny took care of his grandma for many years out of high school; that’s why we were older when we met. Plus, he got scammed by a number of women on other dating sites. His aunt told him to go to ChristianMingle.com and I was the first woman he met. We met on the site on January 25, 2013 and nearly two years later, at my cousin Jeri’s wedding, we got engaged and were married 10 months later on July 18, 2015.

One of the ladies who worked with me in my home used to work with Lanny at the country club in Midland, Mich. Lanny looked past my handicap because some of his family has some handicap  problems. We both went to the same church, but never knew it. I went to first service, he went to second service. When my staff, Rhita, moved out of state, my husband (who was my then boyfriend) took the place of my staff and helped me in my home till we got married, and he still cares and help me out a lot. Lanny, is an very caring, loving man. I truly love him and thank my Lord for him.

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