On February 19, I signed up for ChristianMingle.com. I was looking for something different from the other matchmaking sites. I looked through a few of the profiles and found a couple I responded to, and then I saw Loretta. I really liked her profile and found out we had a lot in common so I sent a “smile.” A day later, I got one back from her.

We emailed and said we would meet online to chat on February 21, 2011. We did not meet because we hadn’t taken into account a one hour time difference, but the next night we happened to meet online and chatted for 3 hours and talked on the phone for another 1 1/2 hours. The next night, I knew she was singing karaoke in Montgomery. While we were talking on the phone that night, I told her I was pulling into the karaoke place’s parking lot, which was almost 2 hours from my home. We stayed there until 2AM then went to a nearby diner for another hour.  After that, we talked on the phone for hours at a time and I would make the trip to the Montgomery area to see her a few times a week. Since that night in February, we have been to Nashville on vacation and Fort Payne, AL on a day trip. We’ve even been to St. Augustine, FL, and to Jacksonville, FL to meet her parents. We also attended my 30 year high school reunion in Athens last month.

Most importantly, we will be married on August 19th just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC just 3 days shy of our 6 month anniversary of meeting due to ChristianMingle! We have a lot of the same interests and matched on most of the profile areas on ChristianMingle. We now attend the same church and enjoy each other’s company as much as possible.  We are truly destined to live our lives together and none of this would be possible if it were not for ChristianMingle. Let’s see: 1 smile +1 smile, plus 3 hours of chatting, and another 1 1 /2 hours on the phone, then a surprise at karaoke = a lifetime of happiness!

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