Thank-you, ChristianMingle for helping us to discover the love we now share together!

Sean’s Story:

ChristianMingle gave me a sense of convenience, security and comfort knowing that most of the prospective women on the site shared a similar mindset.  Living your life in a Christian way and sharing the same values that I do was an important quality for me.

With ChristianMingle, I felt like the faith question did not have to be asked, that it was safe to assume they shared similar beliefs. I also knew that I could be who I am and openly display and discuss my beliefs.

When I saw Lisa’s profile, I immediately knew that there was something special and amazing about her. The way she wrote her profile, some of her likes and dislikes – all showed me what a fun and exciting person she was. Seeing her pictures sealed the deal for me. Her eyes and her smile were like magic. 

We immediately began chatting, using instant-message feature. We spent that time getting to know more about each other- without the need to talk on the phone or see each other face-to-face. This type of communication allowed us to concentrate on our thoughts and words.  We ended up chatting every day, sometimes twice in a day. It was just the right speed and environment we needed to get more familiar with each other.

Eighteen days later we met in person for the first time.  One month after that, we knew we had something very special together, and we decided to suspend our accounts.  From that moment, we have shared a life of love, which was made possible because of ChristianMingle.

Lisa’s Story:

I kept seeing the ChristianMingle commercials, which got me curious about your site. Some friends had also suggested that I give the site a try, so I took the plunge! Your site made it easy for me to describe myself, and what I was looking for.

Sean initially contacted me and after I read his profile, I decided I wanted to respond. At first I was a bit nervous, but I jumped in with both feet in order to not let my fears limit me.

We both took things slow at first; instant messaging to start, for the first couple weeks. I feel like this gave us the opportunity to really get to know one another, without any pressure. Sean finally asked me out on a date.  After that one wonderful afternoon together, I was hooked! I knew that we had something special and it took ChristianMingle to help us discover that.

After many years of looking and searching, I know I have found my perfect match for life. 

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