Darryl and I met on ChristianMingle.com in January 2013. We both were only on the site for a few weeks, but it was completely the Lord at work and He accelerated our relationship. We knew quickly “this was the one”. Throughout my life, I always daydreamed of being with a flannel-wearing logger/lumberjack rugged outdoorsmen, Montana, truck-driving, hunter! It actually was kind of a silly thing I would laugh about with my friends and family. Darryl is not only a LOVING, amazing, wonderful, gracious, kind, loving, affectionate, devoted man and worshipper of God, but he was also a logger for years and he owns lots of flannels!! Also, he is from Montana and drives a truck. 

I know when people sign up for online dating, in a way, we all think it is “us” doing it and that we are taking things into our own hands. Or maybe that was just me! It isn’t the same as saying “we met through friends” or “we were both reaching for the same apple at the grocery!” I struggled with online dating. My pride was in the way because I didn’t want that to be my “how we met” story. But I can say this: God is in control of all things in my life and in Darryl’s life. God is Lord over online dating, He is Lord over the little and big things. He knows our deepest desires, even those things we think are silly and we laugh off. There is nothing random about Him. He determines our steps.

“Many are the plans in the heart of a man, but the Lord’s purpose prevails.” And I can say “AMEN” to that! God loves to surprise us and work outside of the box that we so often create!

On April 12th, a few months after we met, Darryl and I hiked up to the “M” in Missoula, MT and he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife! Of course I said YES!!!

On September 28, 2013, Darryl and I will marry in Missoula, MT. I know I will be wholly, completely, unconditionally loved by this man the rest of my life and I will offer him the same love and devotion. I praise God and am so deeply grateful to my Father in Heaven for His perfect timing and guiding us both to ChristianMingle.com. It wasn’t how either of us thought we would find our husband/wife, but God worked in and through that and His purpose prevailed!

Both of our families have said over and over “the Lord is with you” and they can see that God did this and He brought us together. We are blessed.

Thank you! Even when we think it is “us”, the Lord is still in control and He is good and He has our very best at heart and His purpose will prevail according to His perfect timing.

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