I had been on Christianmingle for a few weeks and had several inquires on my profile from ladies interested in me. I was polite and thanked them, some with just smiles. I had emailed several back but no phone numbers were given out.

On Saturday morning, June 4th, I sat down to my computer and began to check my emails. All of a sudden an email came in from Christianmingle.com that there was a nearly perfect match with the compass I had filled out. I went to your site, to see who this lady was and there appeared a woman with the handle “IVVCMightyWomanofGod” and she was absolutely beautiful.

On my profile introduction I said I was looking for a lady, who when entering a room, would turn every head with not only her outward beauty but the Devine, Attractive, Personality of Christ of her inward beauty. When I saw her eyes and looked at her name, I was smitten. I felt in my heart, at that moment, I had found the woman of my dreams and I honestly believe it was love at first sight.

I emailed her that morning and she replied with an email and said she would be gone for the day but would email me again later. I sent another email that night and she responded. The next day Linda had gone to church and God gave her a word for me. She came home emailed me the word from the Lord. We also exchanged phone numbers that day and I called her that evening.

Our journey was rocky the next week or so. So many unanswered questions, but we worked thru them. I was ready to throw in the towel at one time, when God reminded me, she was the one. I’m glad I didn’t quit.

We have talked on the phone everyday since then and have developed a relationship that has turned into loving one another. I have moved to Oklahoma City, where Linda lives. I have already gained employment here. I have asked her to marry me and she has accepted. I proposed to her on July 8th and gave her an engagement ring that same evening. We are planning on a short engagement.

We are both of the same faith and will be able to attend the same church together. We will be able to have daily prayer together and study Gods Word together. We are in our early 60s and are excited about starting a brand new life together with Christ being our center.

Thank you again, without Christianmingle, this could have never happened.

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