As a national bestselling author, I have written and published well over a dozen books; the vast majority of them being romance novels that tell stories of flawed, but faithful Christians who find or share a strong love that only God can design. In all of my story creations, I could never have written the beautiful manuscript that God crafted just for Michael and me.

We connected on ChristianMingle at the very end of April 2013. I had never tried online dating before, and honestly was not intending to join. I was doing some web research for a novel idea that I had, and while doing so, a pop-up advertisement of ChristianMingle repeatedly got through my pop-up blocker and would not go away. I filled out the basic information just to make it disappear. The next day, I had emails indicating that people were trying to send me messages on the site, but I could not read the messages unless I joined. Curiosity got the best of me, and I joined the site to see where the interest was coming from. Michael was one of only two men that I communicated with. After exchanging a few emails, I knew I could trust him. Giving him my phone number was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

We lived nearly 100 miles apart, but as God would orchestrate it, the corporate office of the job that I was working at the time was located in the area where Michael lived. My company had selected to send me on an all-expense paid four-day training at the corporate office, which allowed Michael and me to meet for the first time. On May 6, 2013, just a few days after we’d connected online, we had our first date. I had written in my ChristianMingle profile that my “dream first date” with a gentleman would be to attend a church service together so that I could see the man in worship. It is my belief that how a man loves God is a great indication of how He would love me. In the four days that I was visiting his city on business, Michael and I attended two worship services together. He actively served in ministry at his church and his relationship with God was very strong. It took no time at all for both of us to be assured that our coming together was a God-thing.

Although we knew from the beginning of our relationship that we would become man and wife, we did not become officially engaged until December 2013 when Michael proposed to me in front of my entire family during a family Christmas gathering.  On March 15, 2014, we got married in the same church where we first worshiped together. Both of us are the happiest that we have ever been. We are so excited for our future, and we’re grateful for the valuable part that ChristianMingle played in our divine destiny.

Ours is a love story that only God’s pen could write.

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