My screen name was chickie26 and my husbands name was pip333. Our story had its trials for sure, but I never lost faith. Below is how we met and got to where we are today.

I had only been on the site for about a month, and I actually came across it by mistake, (so I thought at the time). About January of ’09 I saw a picture of a guy that caught my eye. Thought that he looked like the average american hard working and loving man. I read his profile and the more I read I liked him more and more. However, I did not try to contact him at all at first. I looked at his profile and picture for about 3 days. Finally I decided to send him a note. He wrote back the next day and we started talking every day through emails for about a week. After the first week he had asked me if it would be ok to talk on the phone or text me. I responded that would be great and about an hr after sending the email, he called me. That first phone call we talked for about an hour on the phone. After that, we talked on the phone just about every night. We would always talk for hours, and it was like we had known each other our whole life. We felt like we could tell each other anything. We talked on the phone for about 2 weeks then decided that we should meet. He drove down to the city I lived in which was 3 hrs away on Feb 7, 2009.

We went to dinner and a movie and then he drove the 3 hrs back home. We talked more and both said we liked spending time together and made our next date for Feb 14th. I of course drove the 3 hrs this time. We went to the zoo and then he made me a wonderful dinner that night. After a few weeks of us driving back and forth to see each other, he had told me that he really liked me, but just thought for now we should just be friends because he was still dealing with his ex and his feelings for her. I was heart broken, but I understood, so we decided to be friends. We didn’t see each other as much, but we did still talk on the phone almost every day. In March he had told me he wanted to try and make sure things weren’t going to work out with this lady that had been strining him along for years. I was heart broken again, but deep inside I knew that everything would be ok and that we would be together in the long run and that it was just meant to be. The next few months were the hardest of my life so far. I did my best to try to be a great friend and listen to his problems with this other woman, and tried to give him a outsider point of view. I talked alot about the Lord, and how maybe he is giving him all these signs on what he should be doing, that he just had to listen to them. In June he had asked if we could meet up, said he would drive to see me. We did meet up, and we went to the beach, one of my favorite places to go. It was there that he told me he finally had closure and knew that nothing was going to come out of the relationship he was was in. He then said that he knew he didn’t deserve a second chance, but would love to have one. I said of course you can…haha. We started dating and things just kept getting better. In Sept of 09 is when he said it just hit him one day that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I had gotten some bad news from a Dr appoitment and called him right away afterwards. I was told that I more than likely would never be able to concieve children. He wanted me to come see him and I did that day, he said when I told him that he took as we would never be able to have children and realized just how much he loved me. We started talking about the next step in our relationship. I moved in with him that following January after we had decided that we did want to marry each other. In March of 2010 we bought our first house and we were married July 31 2010. People thought that we were moving way too fast, but in our hearts we just knew that it was right and meant to be. Every once in a while he still tells me that it amazes him the faith that I had that we would be together after all he put me through, and said that my faith in the Lord was one thing that attracted him to me. Every day our faith grows stronger for the Lord together. We have put our future in his hands and know that he knows whats best for us and what he has planned for us.

Thank you again for helping people find their true love.

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