After both experiencing failed attempts with other online dating sites, Karen and I both concluded that we were just going to have to settle for being single. However, we were both encouraged by friends to give online dating one more shot, so we both set-up a profile on ChristianMingle. Karen and I started talking online around July 24, 2012 after we both received a smile that neither one of us thought we sent.  I was outside her age group and she lived beyond the 30 mile limit I had set.  At first it seemed “too good to be true” and being at an age where we both knew what we wanted, neither one of us was willing to settle. 

Karen initiated our first meeting where I work on August 2nd.  I figured she wanted to see if I was who I said I was.  My co-worker told me to wear the blue so my eyes would look nicer.  Karen’s friend told her which dress to wear.  When I first saw her I thought “man, she is tall and what a smile”.  Karen thought “boy, he is tall and nice eyes.” It was incredible how much we had in common from similar family history to shared idiosyncrasies.  What was to last 30 minutes lasted 90 minutes and after she left, I texted her and asked if she would go to dinner.  We had both been too nervous to eat lunch earlier and I felt bad she had not eaten all day. Thankfully, she said yes.  The rest is history. Our first motorcycle ride ended up with Karen meeting my Mom and Karen told her, “you raised a wonderful man.”  My Mom fell in love with her that very day.  Karen brought me to her church and I was warned by every older person there, “if you hurt her you will have to deal with me and God; God will be the easy one”.  I already thought she was special and they just reinforced it.

Before I gave Karen a promise ring, I asked her Mom and Dad for their blessing.  At 55 years old it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

I gave Karen a promise ring on Sept 29, 2012 and asked her to marry me December 4th.  Our wedding is planned for December 31, 2013.

Karen’s family was still a little nervous about me and how fast our relationship blossomed.  However, when Karen had a stroke at her brother’s funeral in March (he passed away from a heart attack) everything changed.  I never left her side and by God’s grace she has made a full recovery.  It was then the family realized I wasn’t going anywhere.

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