It’s exciting to be able to talk about how ChristianMingle became the catalyst for one of the most beautiful gifts God has given me. I joined ChristianMingle in February, 2012 and James was the first one to contact me. When I saw his picture, I was immediately attracted, but having already been on other dating sites, I knew there was a good chance he really didn’t look like that. After a few exchanges, we agreed to meet on March 9 for a few games of pool. He was already there when I arrived, standing outside. As I got closer, I could see that he really did look like his picture!

We greeted warmly and went into the restaurant, where we sat and chatted for about a half an hour. I got up to get a pool stick and when I turned back around, we had our first moment and all else faded away. We agreed right away that, if nothing else, we were brother and sister in Christ but the connection between us seemed deeper than that. Our pool games lasted for about four and a half hours and we found ourselves to be evenly matched, not only in pool but in conversation. I was so amazed when we ordered something to eat that he prayed first! Wow! The evening finished so wonderfully and comfortably that I knew I had met someone special.

He called a few days later and we agreed to meet later on that night for a walk downtown. After a while, we sat on a bench and shared our life stories, finding out so many similarities, saying so many of the same things. He said this is when he knew he was falling in love with me. I think I was already there, but this time, it was so different. There was peace, great peace.

We went on to meet whenever we could, and on Easter evening, April 8, 2012, he took me to the beach, got down on one knee, and proposed. We were married June 9, 2012, three months to the day we first met!

Being in our 50s, we’ve been through a lot. It is God alone that creates beauty from ashes. This new life is a living testimony of God’s faithfulness to Himself, to me, and to us. Thank you, ChristianMingle, for being used by and for Him and to His glory.

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