Karen first made a connection with me on ChristianMingle on September 1, 2012. I had gone on various dates at that point, but had found no love connection.

On September 5th, I met Karen and brought a friend. As we walked and talked, my friend, in tune with the Holy Spirit, whispered in my ear that Karen is a beautiful lady and that she is the one for me, but of course I did not believe him. After the walk around a beautiful lake, Karen and I agreed, very firmly, that we would only be platonic friends. It’s strange how God knew that the platonic friends were meant to be much more. We continued to meet and communicate on ChristianMingle; but one day in the middle of October, at a buffet restaurant, Karen passed out from the results of a medical test and I caught her in my arms before she fell to the floor.

At that moment, I knew she meant much more to me. The following day, she took an ambulance to the hospital and asked if I could pick her up. I was taking a nap and God woke me up (He seems to have a habit of doing this) and told me to go to the hospital and comfort her. I did. I held her hand for three hours and it was there in the hospital that we fell in love. The next day after church, we made a remarkable discovery that we were no longer platonic friends. I kissed her and it was like electricity exciting every cell in both of our bodies.

We got engaged on October 26 and had a wonderful little wedding in Effort, PA on Thursday, November 8th. We are absolutely excited about our new life together and enjoy much time together including the ministries that God has given us. We look forward to a good life together and we love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and strength and we greatly appreciate ChristianMingle for bringing people together!

We wanted to thank ChristianMingle with both our hearts and minds for the site is a blessing to many people who otherwise would be alone, hurting, and sad. Both Karen and I were widow/widowers of less than two years. We are happy and no longer lonesome. What I say to others is: What happened to us can happen to you on ChristianMingle! You don’t need to be blue.

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