It all started with a Smile…that I almost missed…

Zach and I met on in April of 2013 when Zach sent me a “Smile.” I only had my notifications turned on to send me an email if I received an instant message, but not for Smiles. So it was a complete shock when I got an instant message from Zach asking me why I did not respond to his Smile. Little did he know, he was already on my list of favorites. I quickly messaged him back and explained what happened; I was secretly impressed he followed up with me.

It only took a couple messages for us to piece together that we had grown up only forty-five minutes away from each other in rural West Tennessee towns and had mutual friends. We simply felt it was God’s plan for us to meet on instead of in a crowded group of friends. We both took a chance on online dating—me because I was in law school at the time and never had time to meet new people, and Zach on a dare from his golf student—and the rest was history.

Zach got down on one knee exactly one year after our first date in front of friends and family and asked me to marry him. And to think…I almost missed that Smile!

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