June 6th was the day that I signed up for a membership on ChristianMingle.  I clearly remember how before that day, my mind was made up that online dating was definitely not for me.  At the time, I believed that if God wanted me married, He would bring that special man into my life another way.  While asking my pastor how I could come across more men of faith, he mentioned ChristianMingle because of a lady that he had known who met and married a man through the site.  Seemingly desperate to meet a man that my kids and I could share our lives with, I wearily ventured into the “unknown world” of cyber relationships.  Honestly, after clicking on profile after profile on ChristianMingle, I noticed that I was spending way too much time on the computer, and my children and house were suffering for it.

Discouraged, I began to question if this was really God’s will for my life. It was then that I noticed a man named Jonathan had previewed my profile. After looking over his profile, I sent a smile his way to see if he would respond.  We spent one whole afternoon typing and getting to know each other a little more.  Jonathan and I had several big things that seemed to still linger as potential problems for us, including the distance and our different eating habits.  However, we truly enjoyed talking to one another and after just six weeks or so of going over COMPASS® results and typing almost every day, we spoke on the phone. From August 31st until we met in person on November 16th, there was only one day that we didn’t speak.

It was during our visit around Thanksgiving when Jonathan proposed the old fashioned way in my living room, with the kids all there to be part of the happy moment! Within just a few weeks of meeting Jonathan on ChristianMingle, I knew that he was the one God had put on my path for me to marry.  We are not very patient, and on February 16th, we were married! We now live in Georgia where the kids are loving the 8 acres of woods and spacious house we call home.  Jonathan loves coming home to us each day and we are even now expecting another miracle from the Lord!  God is SO GOOD!   We thank Him for using ChristianMingle to bring us together, and now looking back, I am so glad I took my pastor’s advice and tried the whole “online dating” thing! 

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