Thank you for giving me the most AWESOME Christmas and Valentine’s Day present ever!

I have met the most wonderful man through your website.  His name is Andrew.  We are very compatible in our personalities, energy levels, family values, and most importantly our commitment to give glory to God with how we live our lives.  It has been an amazing journey and we both agree that it was God’s hand and His love for us that brought us together.  We are both very grateful!

I am 48 years old and had become very frustrated with how to navigate the dating scene, while staying true to God’s heart.  My thought was that a Christian man would understand and value these traits rather than become angered or irritated.  I joined ChristianMingle on September 3, 2013.  I stated in my profile that I was looking for a man I could pray, volunteer, and do activities with as well as share family time.  I was even so bold to say that I was a “Modern Day Esther” looking for a man who would appreciate a woman with these qualities.  

I vowed when I signed up on ChristianMingle that I would limit the amount of time I would be online.  I placed my trust in God that He would protect me and reveal His plan for me.  I was willing to accept whatever was the outcome, if I was to meet someone or not.   I used the local library computer for 20 minutes at the end of an evening walk.  On September 5th, Andrew emailed me and asked if we could talk on the phone.  I replied with my phone number and he called me the next day.  We agreed to meet in person the following day, and have been inseparable ever since!  Two days on your website is all that it took for us to find one another!

Andrew is a very smart, loving, caring, level-headed, hard-working, funny, and generous man!  His eyes are focused on God, and it shows in his character through how he lives his life daily as a godly man.  We go to church every weekend and do Bible Studies together.  In November, we volunteered to coordinate the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for our church.  Andrew and I worked as a seasoned team; it was so easy to do and very fulfilling.  We were able to successfully surpass our goal that we set, and delivered 108 boxes.  This is how it is with everything we do together. 

Every day, I fall more and more in love with Andrew.  It can only be God’s hand as I have never experienced feelings so strong and unshakable.  We both know that we will truly be there for each other in every way, until we see God’s face.

I have been married before, but I can honestly say that I have never been a wife the way that God intended for me to be.  Studying God’s Word for a few years prepared me to be the wife that I want to be for Andrew, and what he deserves to have.  Andrew and I both live in Rhode Island, but in very different areas and have jobs that are not connected.  We believe that God used ChristianMingle as the way to bring us both together, according to His plan and His timing. 

This year is our first Christmas and Valentine’s together.  You folks at ChristianMingle worked with The Creator to give us the MOST AMAZING gift! 

On February 8, 2014, Andrew proposed and asked me to be his wife.  We are very happy and are another ChristianMingle success story!  Thank you so much!

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