“Princess32” contacted me on ChristianMingle over the summer and we started casual conversation. I felt that being from Portland, Maine and her from Phoenix, Arizona, at best we would establish a friendship. I had no idea what God had in store for us. We had been talking for about 2 months when I was on my way home from one of my semi-pro football games, I thought to myself how nice it would be to share the events of my game with someone that cared.

Instantly, she came into my mind. She had been very open and willing to share with me and try to know me, but I kept her at arms length until that point where she came blazing into my mind. I have never been able to get her out of my mind since. I think that it bares noting that 2 weeks earlier I had pushed her away and told her we should not keep in contact as I overreacted to a request of hers. Shortly after that, we decided that a meeting was in order.

Originally she was going to fly out here with a friend because my work schedule was so busy. That fell through for several reasons, so I planned a secret trip. That secret was eventually unfolded for several reasons. After that original meeting, we saw each other about every other week, including a day trip out there so I could spend my birthday with her. On New Years Eve in front of the President’s Maine home, I dropped to a knee in front of many of my close friends and asked Jen to be my wife and she accepted. The rest will be a history of happiness and following God’s word. We will be married February 21, 2004. God Bless!

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