His Story:

We started to chat on ChristianMingle in the middle of May 2012. I was on your site for only about a month and this was going to be my last attempt to try to find the love of my life. I had been on other sites with no luck, looking for more than a year. Then I saw a ChristianMingle commercial and decided to give it a try. Jackie was striking out too, almost giving up. Then the two of us met! When she winked at me, I contacted her. We chatted for a while then we talked on the phone. By June 2012, I asked her out to dinner.

We hit it off! We met on a Saturday night and again on Wednesday of the following week. On December 24, Christmas Eve, I made reservations at the place we met. It was snowing lightly that night and we had a table near the fireplace. At the end of dinner, I asked her to marry me. I had set up music to play at a specific time and we danced together.

Everyone in the restaurant clapped for us. It was magical. We are going to be married on December 14, 2013. We both say that God has brought us together. I have found a new faith because of her. We are so happy and we know that our lives will never be the same. Thank you so much for this site!

Her Story:

I just got out of a relationship and was a bit discouraged and then I saw a commercial for your site. As a godly woman, I thought it sounded like a breath of fresh air to me. I decided to go on and browse. I communicated with a few people, but they weren’t what I was looking for. I saw Donnie and read his profile and thought he sounded really nice so I winked at him. He responded and we started emailing. At that time, my family underwent a tragedy as my 4 year-old grandson was bitten by a large dog and had to have extensive surgery.

I stopped communicating with everyone on the site except for Donnie. I felt like God was leading me to keep conversation going with him. It was a very trying time for me and my family, but talking to Donnie gave me peace and comfort through this time. After things with my grandson settled down, Donnie and I spoke more and he asked me to call him. I did, and soon discovered that he was a very special man. He asked me to dinner and I excitedly agreed. The rest is history!

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