I knew her all my life in my dreams, but I met her on Christian Mingle.

I joined the site in hopes of meeting the girl that I had been praying and dreaming about all my life.

I had tried another site before, but it was not Christian based so God answered my prayers by guiding me to Christian Mingle, where I met the Girl I was meant to be with.

I saw her profile and her smile was what made me stop and read more. I noticed that not only did she put some things she likes, she also listed things she didn’t like, which was different than most peoples profiles and helped me learn more about her. But while reading her profile, I felt I already knew her and couldn’t wait to write and hopefully get the chance to meet her.

I am very blessed and thankful to the Lord for bringing us together. She has stood by my side since the day I met her fully trusting and believing in me more than anyone else ever has.

My advice to everyone is…Keep your faith in the Lord, He does answer prayers.

Thank you Christian Mingle!



***Updated by Jaymeduke on 6/23/09***
The day our success story posted, David had me read what he had written (I did not see it beforehand) and then he asked me to marry him. I, of course, accepted.

We both believe in God’s timing. God told me a long time ago that he would have someone for me. When I met David, I knew he was my precious blessing from God.

He was different from anyone else in that he brought me closer to God and challenged me to love God more. And loving David is a joy beyond compare.

CreativeDriver & Jaymeduke

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