Susan May Warren has stuck another chord with every Christian out there through her second Christiansen family novel, It Had to Be You. It is a story about letting the people you love fail.

The story occurs during the winter in Deep Haven, a northern Minnesota town. The reader meets Eden Christiansen, her brother Owen, and Jace Jacobsen, her brother Owen’s teammate.

Owen Christiansen is a reckless NHL (National Hockey League) rookie who requires Eden Christiansen’s emotional support to keep him focused and on target. Eden is beginning to examine her life and her goals in light of the constant caretaking her brother requires.

Eden Christiansen dreamed of being an ace reporter, however, because of her brother’s continuing drama, has little time to focus on her own career. In fact, she is stuck writing obituaries. At this point in her life, Eden is beginning to fear she may not have the time or the commitment to realize her dream of landing a major story. Eden dreams of someone stepping in and becoming a mentor to Owen to keep him on track and alleviate the burden she carries.

Eden considers who could fill this role, but is doubtful that Jace Jacobsen, a team veteran and bad-boy enforcer, is willing to take any action to eliminate Owen’s reckless behavior. Jace has constructed his career on his aggressive behavior, both on and off the ice. However, Jace has found himself at a crossroads concerning his future in the NHL and trapped by his infamous reputation. 

The situation is difficult for Jace. Added to this stress is the guilt Jace feels over not honoring Eden Christiansen’s pleas to help her brother Owen.

As both Eden and Jace struggle with their futures, Owen’s carelessness causes a career-threatening injury. At the same time Eden and Jace find a John Doe, and Eden must find out who he is before he dies; this could be her big break. In the midst of the intersecting situations, Eden and Jace find themselves thrown together and begin to wonder if they belong on the same team after all.

It Had to Be You also contains a bonus novella about Ingrid and John, the parents of characters from her book, Take A Chance. A story of family and faith, It Had to Be You is another compelling book by Susan May Warren.   

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