This year, is launching its “I’m a Believer” campaign, celebrating some of the newest Christian leaders on our team of contributors who are committed to sharing their faith and advice.

By clicking on their photos, you can get to know them better through their testimonies and bios. Caleb Breakey recently joined the team of contributors and would like to share with you his testimony of why he believes in Jesus Christ and loves to share his faith with the Believe community …

“I bet you’ve never seen a La-Z-Boy transform into an Aston Martin. Me neither. It’s impossible. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. 

Well, I believe in Jesus because he did something similarly impossible inside my soul. He transformed my deadbeat heart into a fiery passion to love God and serve others — in effect, carving a La-Z-Boy into a luxury sports car. 

I stopped trying to do things for God, discovered what He’d done for me, and now I can’t help but live my life in chain-breaking obedience to Him. I am a child of the King, freely trusting the impossible, embracing the irrational and happily learning how to make my life about the lives of others. 

I guess you might say I’m a contributor at to share — in many ways, shapes and forms — about La-Z-Boys, Aston Martins and what it truly means to believe in Jesus.”

Caleb’s latest book, “Dating Like Airplanes: Why Just Fall in Love When You Can Fly?” can be ordered here.

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