In February 2014, I was about to delete my account when I saw a cute guy in an OU shirt (Oklahoma Sooners). I thought, what the heck, I would send him a smile; he replied a few hoursHazelandPatrick01 later. We texted, then he said, “I don’t want to waste my time or yours. I will call in an hour if that’s okay. Then we can meet tomorrow over drinks at a local restaurant.”

The minute I walked up to the table, I was smitten. He couldn’t look me in the eyes, he was too nervous! As our quick meeting over one drink turned into three hours, we both drove away. As soon as I left him, I got a text that said, “Best first meeting ever!”

We started texting every day and talking. A few weeks later, we started dating for real. We got married on October 3, 2015! God is good, and with the help of ChristianMingle, He brought me my soul mate!

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