The positive buzz surrounding the movie with a message, Grace Unplugged, is being generated by the solid cast of beloved Hollywood talent and an inspiring story. The film is widely being recognized as a faith-based film that will certainly entertain and inspire its target audience while potentially attracting viewers outside of the Christian circles.

Lionsgate, Roadside Attractions and the makers of Grace Unplugged have created a film that tells an authentic story of family, faith and a young woman chasing her dream; subjects that can relate to almost all audiences.

Shortly after its nationwide release this month, major media outlets have praised Grace Unplugged and have recommended that movie-goers looking for a family-friendly, positive movie experience should see this film.

The Los Angeles Times calls Grace Unplugged an enjoyable film with “a smartly measured script that feels like it was created on an actual screenwriting instrument and not, as can be the case with faith-based films, with a sledgehammer and bunch of stone tablets.”

The Los Angeles Times was also impressed with the veteran Hollywood cast saying Christian singer / actor AJ Michalka (Super 8, Secretariat) is “engaging” starring as Grace “Gracie” Trey and Grace’s mother is “well-played” by Shawnee Smith (Saw).

The filmmaker shrewdly tempers Grace’s pious dad (James Denton, “Desperate Housewives”); he’s a flesh and blood guy who grows in believable, realistic ways. Denton, quite moving, inhabits Johnny with solidness and grace. The movie’s you-can-have-it-all resolution is not only uplifting but well-earned. It should satisfy its intended audience and maybe even bring a few new viewers into the flock. —Gary Goldstein, Los Angeles Times

The Huffington Post is optimistic that the film will reach beyond the Christian audience. “[Grace Unplugged] is and an enjoyable movie with a moral. Even those who are not interested in the religious aspect can enjoy this story of family in crisis. By dropping the cheesier dialogue and plot lines other movies of this type sometimes have, this new film does succeed [in entertaining a wider audience.]”

Grace Unplugged “displays great music” (Huffington Post) and “resists temptations toward melodramatic excess.” (Variety) Showing that kind of restraint will separate this film from some of the preachy, over-the-top faith-based films in recent history. Christianity Today reported that a screening audience “adored the film” and gathering from the initial reviews, viewers looking for a feel-good, moving film will have a tremendous movie experience.

Movie critics, such as Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide (The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment)  have been so excited about the film that a “5 Reasons You Should See Grace Unplugged” is posted online:

1. It’s an enjoyable, heartfelt and entertaining movie. The quality storytelling and moving performances meet and even exceed industry standards. GRACE UNPLUGGED is loads of fun for the whole family.
2. It proclaims the name of Jesus. It’s not everyday we get to see movies in theaters that magnify the name of Jesus. By seeing GRACE UNPLUGGED, you are making a statement about the importance of your faith.
3. It has an important message for everyone. Whether you’re a father, mother, daughter or even a son, GRACE UNPLUGGED has important messages about the importance of family, and following God’s calling rather than one’s own.
4. It’s a great evangelism tool. Bring a friend who needs Jesus or just an encouraging word. GRACE UNPLUGGED is a great conversation starter about the important things of life.
5. Did we mention how fun this movie is?

Baehr says “Grace Unplugged is tremendous … one of the best, most entertaining Christian movies ever made.”

He also notes the following about the inspirational Christian film film:

– Grace Unplugged is the #1 viewer-rated film on Fandango
– 90 percent viewer rating on Rotten Tomatoes (same as Gravity)
– Cinemascore (exit survey) of A- (same as Gravity)
– $1 million box office opening weekend

Grace Unplugged is rated PG for thematic elements and brief teen drinking and runs 1 hour and 42 minutes.

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