It was not my desire to meet somebody on a dating website. One day I was browsing the website of my pastor friend, and the very tiny ChristianMingle words keep flashing on the very corner of the site. I clicked the words and it turned out to be the dating site. I thought it belonged to my friend.

I read a few of the introductions, and registered my name. Many responded, but I couldn’t access their messages. I needed to pay for the subscription. Then one day I was watching the news on CNN, and I saw the advertisement. I told myself “so this thing is for real.” I paid for three months thinking that this was good enough to find someone, Lord willing.

It was so exciting receiving messages coming from different religious backgrounds. I was almost at the end of my subscription, and did not want to renew it when “Mr. Emphatizer” sent me a message. Knowing that he was living in Greenwich, and was also a Baptist, really caught my interest. During that time I was leaving to join the tour down South and he was also leaving for vacation. That was at the end of June 2011, but we were open to communication.

Our first date happened on July 26, 2011. We immediately bonded together as if we were longtime friends, maybe because of our ages. We are both 61 and he is only three months older than I am. Our dates involved church activities and volunteer work. We got engaged on October 15, 2011, and got married on April 21, 2012. His brother-in-law, a retired pastor, officiated our wedding. On October 23, 2013 we renewed our vows in the Philippines, and this occasion was highly attended by my family.

We have a blessed time together, and we enjoy each other’s company more and more. God is so good. Thank you, ChristianMingle for making the impossible, possible. More power and God bless you all.

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