His Story:

I had been on the site for about 6 months before I started to seriously look. I was interested in showing people that I was a genuine person without all of the fluff that many people have in their profiles.  Because I was a single father of two beautiful girls, I kept wondering to myself. “Is it even possible to find a person that will accept me and my two girls?”  After I completed my profile, I started looking.  Once I found Gina, I took it at her pace.  I wanted her to be comfortable with every step we took.  Once we met, I just continued to pursue Gina and still do to this day.  Gina and I have about the same type of story with regard to how rough our relationship paths were prior to meeting.  I figured ChristianMingle was going to be my last effort to find someone to share my life with. We continue to find so much common ground and it has helped us bond, realizing how we see life through a similar lens.  I continue to feel blessed that Gina and I have found each other.

Her Story:

My hope was that I would get to meet that perfect person for me to spend the rest of my life with. It was very important that I represent myself truthfully in who I was and what I was looking for in a husband.  When Chris first started to contact me, I took my time in chatting with him on ChristianMingle.  I started with using the site’s online chatting in real time and then progressed to text messaging pretty much on a daily basis. Soon we moved on to phone calls and then finally, we met up in person.  I genuinely can say that Chris is really the ideal man for me.  We have so much in common in regards to our thoughts about how we see and view life and what we want for the future.  There have been so many things that one could call “coincidence” in regards to things we share in our lives together. For example, my cousin knew Chris’s late dad, which was such a wonderful surprise to find out!

I know I am so incredibly blessed and I am very much looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Chris and his 2 beautiful daughters. We feel that the site has worked for us in so many ways on all levels.

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