“Whatever you do, in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father, through him.” Colossians 3:17 asks us to maintain a godly stance in our everyday lives, and that means our dating lives as well.

Filled with wisdom, beauty and truth, there’s no place better to find dating advice than in the Bible. Especially when it comes to keeping your dating life interesting! From zip lining to indoor rock climbing, there are plenty of fun date ideas to help you get to know someone while staying true to the Word of God. Here are just a few:

Let The Music Move You

Who doesn’t love music? Attend a concert at a local venue, music festival or at your church and enjoy the show with someone new. You can sing along together, dance in the aisles and then talk about how much you loved the band over dessert!

Sing Your Heart Out

If you want to take a more active role, rather than attending a concert, then there’s always karaoke! Pick your favorite tunes, sing with all your might and impress your date with your vocal abilities. Perhaps you could even sing a duet together?

A Tour de Force

Set up a tour of one of the historical buildings in your area. From noteworthy museums to restored mansions to architecturally stunning churches, there’s no limit to the possibilities! This is a fun way to learn something new with someone new!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

From paddle boating to kayaking to canoeing, grab your date and hit the water! This is a fun date idea for water and nature lovers alike. Enjoy the fresh air, be active and ride the wave of excitement alongside your date.

Go on a Mission

Missionaries are always looking for help; why not invite a date to help you with a service project or to assist by volunteering together for the day? Helping a Missionary is not only rewarding, but it will help you to see what kind of person your date is!

Give Your Time Together

Get to know your date a little better with the help of a senior citizen when you volunteer at an assisted living facility. From calling Bingo to playing cards, there are plenty of ways to volunteer your time. Not only will this activity make you feel good, but it will also give you a lot to talk about with your date!

Seasonal Fun!

Christmas brings out the inner light in all of us! Between holiday parades, festive light shows and tree lightings, there are so many ways to enjoy the spirit of Christmas with your date. You can’t help but be merry & bright as you share in the real hope and joy of Christmas: Jesus Christ!

Go on the Prowl

Looking for something totally different? Get to know your date better by planning a specialized scavenger hunt that’s all about the two of you! Give each other a list of items to find and then explain why these items relate to you after the hunt is over. You’ll have fun and get to know each other at the same time!

Take a Hike

Enjoy this beautiful world God created for us by taking your date on a nature hike. More adventurous types should consider mountain climbing, while easy-going types can enjoy a stroll on the beach or through a local park!

Bible Study

Share in your love for the Lord together by attending a Bible study. Or, simply for your own Bible study group with just the two of you. Choose a book of the Bible, spend a week or two studying that book and then share what you’ve learned together. Talk about a beautiful way to deepen your relationship with the Lord while deepening your relationship with someone new!

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