Smiling is such a powerful tool. We can control it to powerfully change outcomes in our life. Unfortunately, we often neglect to use this blessing on a daily basis. A smile is contagious and who wouldn’t want to be around people who smile more often?

Here’s four reasons why you should smile more:

Being Happy and Positive

A smile can increase your positive influence and positive thinking for the rest of your day. Our thoughts become reality, so try to stay away from negativity that can cause us grief or pain. Whenever you feel down, try smiling and there is a good chance that it will put you in a better mind for the rest of the day. Smiling releases endorphins and serotonin to compliment your mental attitude.

You Can Be Successful by Smiling More

Let’s face it, smiling is attractive.  In business and in life we tend to be attracted to those we like. There’s no better way to leave a positive impression than by smiling.  Smiling is also a confidence booster and being more confident can make you more successful.

Being Healthy by Smiling More

Smiling is also known to be a major stress reliever.  We tend to stress out when we dwell on things that worry us. By smiling, the thought process stops worrying and shifts towards happier notions.  Your blood pressure drops and your immune system works better.

Attracting Positivity by Smiling More

People tend to approach you and want to be around you more when you smile.  Smiling is contagious. Chances are your life will be better with more positive people in it  than having negative people feed off your negative energy.  The same applies when you become negative or show frustration on your face. People tend to flock together when they’re miserable.  Misery may love company, but so does positivity.

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