We started emailing each other on 15 July 09 and we started talking to each other via skype on 5 August 09. He fell in love with me on 6 August 09. He proposed to me on 13 August 09 and I agreed to marry him, 16 August 09. We are getting married on 1 October 09 in Las Vegas. God has opened the ways for us to get married. We agreed that marriage is a covenant ordained by God and we will put God at the center of our marriage.

When we announced our our marriage, our family members were happy for us, but our friends and pastors were apprehensive and advised us to reconsider our decision. We stand firm with our decision and got married on 9/28/09.

At the beginning of our relationship, I told “newcreation” it was impossible for us to have a relationship due to locality (I am in Perth and he is in Hawaii) and time zone difference. But he told me that with God everything is possible and because of his persistence, we got married!

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