We met online on August 20, 2012.  Sal wrote me to say, “Hi” and shared that it was his very first day on ChristianMingle. I wrote Sal back and we chatted until the next day, which was the last day of my membership. We continued our communication through email and after some time, we decided to exchange phone numbers.  

After a couple of weeks of talking on the phone, I told Sal that I had a job to do makeup in Tampa and asked him if he wanted to meet in person.  I also shared that I would have my three children with me and that we would be in Tampa for the entire weekend.  During our weekend visit, Sal I shared more about our faith and rejoiced in the power of God.  My children and I came back for a second visit.  On our way back to Tampa my car broke down and Sal graciously allowed us to stay with him while my car was being repaired.  This trip brought us closer together and allowed me to envision a life with Sal as part of my family.

After this trip, Sal drove to Deerfield Beach to meet my family.  My brother and my sister orchestrated a small family reunion so that my entire family could meet Sal. A month later, Sal asked me to move from Miami to Brandon to be closer to him.   I prayed about the decision and felt a peace from the Lord. That December I took a leap of faith and made the move.

In May, after spending more time together and praying over our relationship, Sal asked me to marry him!  We married on May 14, 2013 at the local courthouse and are planning a beautiful beach wedding ceremony for next April.  God has truly blessed us and we are so thankful to ChristianMingle for being an instrument of God. 

Thank you, ChristianMingle!

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