Elise and I had our first “chat” on ChristianMingle on September 21, 2008. Throughout that next week, we talked for hours and enjoyed learning more about one another. Without delay, we had our first date on September 27, 2008 at a coffee shop. The hours seemed to fly by and we couldn’t wait to see each other again! Elise and I lived about an hour away from each other, so meeting up every weekend became an event that we both looked forward to. Each date was an opportunity for us to not only share time with one another, but also to enjoy how the Lord was working in our lives. We were both a part of the worship teams at our local churches, so worshiping together quickly became one of our favorite activities.

Every night while dating Elise, I would thank God for bringing her into my life and thought about what an honor it would be for me if she became my wife. On the morning of September 19, 2009, I invited Elise to a belated birthday breakfast for my sister, but it was actually a surprise for her! On a deserted beach, I got down on bended knee and asked her to marry me! When she said yes, my heart skipped a beat!

After all the planning and waiting, Elise and I exchanged vows on July 10, 2010! God is so good and He has always been in the center of our relationship. Our lives have truly been blessed and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the future. Thank you, ChristianMingle, for providing the bridge that connected us for life.

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