Our story is a whirlwind! We never “physically” saw each other until December 10, 2011. Before our in person meeting, we just corresponded via e-mail through your website. We both had lost our spouses and were lonely at 80 and 81 years old. We immediately found a beautiful connection, and connected spiritually as well as physically. We decided that because of our age, we didn’t want to waste time for an engagement! He had a motor home which he parked at the local Wal-Mart, and we saw each other for three weeks. In the meantime, it was Christmas week, and Walt went to Orlando to be with his daughter, which is why he originally came down to visit.

On December 29th, we went out to dinner and he proposed to me and said “Would you like to bring the New Year in together?” I said yes, without any hesitation! We went to the jeweler’s store that night and picked out a ring. The next day we went to the courthouse and filed out our papers! We called our Sunday School teacher that night, who was also an ordained minister, and told him that we’d like to get married the next afternoon! I got up early and went to a store and bought all the food for about 16 neighbors and church friends who had no idea about our wedding until they received my call! It was very surprising but I needed to have witnesses!

We were married in my home at 3:30 on December 31st. Later that night, Walt and I had lobster for dinner. We had a more formal reception at our club on February 25th for 60 people. He has an RV and we have become snow birds and have been traveling all over the country since last summer! I’ve finally found a man who is my spiritual head and this is the way God wants it. We are very happy, even though we “shocked” many people, including our families. At our age, who can wait?!

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