ChristianMingle contributor, Stephanie May, might best be known for her popular blog “The Lipstick Gospel.” Luckily for her fans, she’s now entering the YouTube world replete with spunk, sage advice and tips for the single person all on ChristianMingle’s YouTube Channel. In addition to May’s advice, you can also find dating tips from other ChristianMingle contributors, success stories, helpful site tips for ChristianMingle users and even ChristianMingle’s TV commercials!

Stress and Relationships

Finding the right person at the start of a relationship can save a lot of stress in the long run. In her latest video (which can be viewed above), Don’t Just Look for “The One” | Be the One, May doles out advice as practical as her lipstick! (Pinkish clear, for the record. It’s worth checking out. smiley)

In her two-minute piece, she talks about the “laundry list” we so often make when narrowing down our ideal mate. She suggests that instead of focusing so much on finding the right person, she suggests we focus on becoming the right person.

“Actually we’re really on the right track when it comes to that list making, but I think that we should make that list and then turn it around and use it as a mirror for ourselves.”

“Um, ouch. I resemble that remark!” some of you might be responding. (Don’t lie – we can hear you through the computer.) If her words resonated with you, check out the second part of her statement.

“We should be making a list and then looking at it and then asking ourselves if we’re the dream person for somebody else? Do we have the qualities that we’re hoping to find in someone else? Do we have the interests we’re hoping to find in someone else? Are we that person?”

May, who recently became engaged, clearly knows what she’s talking about. Check out her video, and other videos on the subject of God and singlehood.

Want the scoop on her engagement? Check out her blog post here.

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