Do you ever feel desperate when it comes to parenting? *

Rhonda and I know how you feel.

We each have had our moments when we’ve had to cry out to God for His wisdom, grace and the ability to see it through.

I recently shared the stage with my friend, Author Rhonda Stoppe, for a book-signing talk and dessert for our newest releases — her book, Moms Raising Sons to be Men — and mine, When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter.

In our time together, Rhonda shared that, as a young mother, she was desperate to find someone — anyone — to teach her to be the mom she wanted to be.

“I cried out, ‘I NEED HELP, LORD!!’” Rhonda said. Maybe you can identify with her struggle.

“I found my parenting overshadowed with fear of doing it wrong,” Rhonda said. “I gradually developed a sort of reactionary mode – my son acted and I reacted. Rather than following a clear path toward shaping his life, the fear of what I did not want my son to be became my standard. I was merely putting out fires rather than kindling the flames of my son’s character.”

Looking back, she said, she lacked fortitude for this new adventure of motherhood. “I needed to become a kind, courageous, and confident mother if I was ever going to raise kind, courageous, confident children,” she said. “To be a godly mother required strength. Where would I find the direction I so desperately longed for?”

The Lord answered Rhonda’s cry for help by sending her mentors. “I am forever grateful to these godly women who answered the call of Titus 2,” Rhonda says.

Are you the kind of mom you hoped you’d be? Do you long for help, like Rhonda did as a young mom? She wrote her book, Moms Raising Sons to be Men, to provide a mentoring relationship with every mom who needs help raising her son. It’s the reason I wrote When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter, too. Because every one of us feels like a failure at times. And because every one of us needs help, encouragement, advice, and God’s grace.

You can be the mom you always hoped you’d be. You can be the woman you hope your daughter will grow up to be. You can have that wisdom that God so generously gives so you can impact your child’s character and future, no matter how old he or she is. Are you ready to make the investment?

Then find your mentors. Be a mentor to another mom, too. And rely on our books to share with you the lessons we’ve learned and the strength we’ve gained along the way to help you every step of the way. Perhaps one day you’ll be sharing your lessons, stories and strengths with other moms, too.

What questions do you have about raising your son or daughter … or helping your sons and daughters raise their children? Rhonda and I would love to help.


*This article was originally written/published by the author under the title “Feeling Desperate as a Mom.”

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