Anyone else out there divorced?

If someone asked me how many times I’ve been married, I’d like to respond, “Once. To Rex. On August 26, it’ll be 14 years!”

I’d love my statement to be as crisp and clean as that white box with the anniversary ring he’s going to put inside. But, truth be told, there will be no anniversary ring this year. Finances are tight for a myriad of reasons. 

Plus, it would be a big fat lie.

See, I was married once before. Just because it lasted less than 2 years doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. 

The scoop – you know you want to know

When I was 21, I married my college sweetheart. I can’t use “delirious with love” as an excuse. That might make me feel better. No, I’d have to say it was more “manic with fear.” In my stupid stupid stupid young mind, I thought I wouldn’t meet anyone else.

Let’s pile on a few other fun facts. 

I had never dated anyone else.

I had not graduated college.

I wasn’t even Christian.

After a year of panic, misery and fear-based relationship choices, I bolted. I’m not saying this is a great testimony of a young woman’s marriage, but it’s all mine. It’s one I hope my children never repeat.

Cut to twenty years later where I make my living writing articles and scripts. If God were in my teleplay today, it would look something like this:

Andrea: So, God, my first marriage went up in flames after 1 year.

God: How did that make you feel?

Andrea: Like crap. Like a loser.

God: How did it make your husband feel?

Andrea: Like crap. Like a loser.

God: I once felt like crap and a loser, too.

Andrea: When?

God: Oh, I don’t know. How ’bout when I was denied by my closest friends? When I was arrested? When I was flogged and nailed to a cross? That last part? Totally sucked.

Andrea:  I wouldn’t have guessed that you, God, would use the verbiage, ‘Totally sucked.’

God: It’s your script. It’s not great language, but I’ll give you some grace to figure out a better way of speaking. Perhaps refer to my Bible?

Andrea: Good idea. I don’t do that enough.

God: So I’ve noticed. 

Andrea: You pay attention?!

God: Of course I pay attention, child! And here’s a newsflash: If you read that Bible more, you’d find lots of encouragement for all those other times in your life that you failed.

Andrea: Such as?

God: What, you want a list?

Andrea: No, not really.

God:  Wise choice. Because you know what, there’s no point in looking at the past. I’m interested in your present. And your future.

Andrea: “You have plans for me to prosper!”

God: So you DO read my Word on occasion?

Andrea: Yes. I have to for this newsletter that I put together each week. Check out my slideshow with 10 verses for encouragement when we fail!

God: I’ll make you a deal – you read my Word more, I’ll read your’s. 

Andrea: Deal.

God: Excellent! (then) By the way, nice newsletter! You’re reaching a few ladies here who really need to hear from me.

Andrea: Thanks. I’m hoping that they realize that, as women, they don’t have to be perfect.

God: Same goes for you.

Andrea: I’ll work on it.

God: No, I’ll work on it. You just give it to me.

Andrea: That’s what I meant.

God: Cool beans.

Andrea: “Cool beans?”

God: Again, your script. Don’t blame me for that word choice.

Andrea: Love you, God.

God: Love you, too. Now go work on that second marriage of yours. You’ve learned a lot from the mistakes of your first. You’ll see – it wasn’t a mistake in the big picture.

Fade out.

Leave a comment: Anyone else out there feel like they’re constantly rewriting their script for God? Worried about failure? Let our very own, Doreen, prop you up with this lovely and inspiring video on this very subject.


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