A Poem About Courtney & Clay’s Love:

Casual conversation thru a wire some 6 hours away.
A pair of hearts found rest in a stranger’s common pain.
While she talked he simply listened, as night became the next day,
While for now holdin his own pain back, even though she’d gladly do the same.
Along with their second hello came the time that he’d share his pain
As the exchange of life lessons quietly pressed their hearts together as if
Bound by chain.

In less than a week from that first nervous call,
She heads west and him east, but both headed for a fall.
The fall was that their hearts began to bind and tie a knot that wouldn’t slip.
Nor could they ever unwind.
In a year’s time they’d actually only spent a few moments together, and the
Miles and one state line proved all but torture on aching hearts.

Just a simple alert that “you’ve got mail” truly can lead to strangers fallin’ in love!
And just the chance that it happens should be enough to see it through the impossible.
The two hearts joined, however crazy it seems, may end up only findin’ the other in quiet peaceful dreams?

I wouldn’t dare to guess yet if they’ll fade from time or still somehow find the key?
Although the outcome is still beyond what anyone can see,
I know without a doubt it’s the love that’ll last eternity.

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