I first received a smile from Patrick around December of 2011. To be honest, I was a bit unsure of how I intended to respond to his smile. After having been through a failed marriage, I wanted to make sure that my every step was being ordered by the One who loved me most – God. After much prayer, thought, and wise counsel, I replied to Patrick’s smile approximately a month later. I could sense that just from the smile Patrick chose to send there was something different about him. Patrick did not send a typical, flirtatious smile mentioning my beauty.  Patrick showed that he respected me as not just a woman, but also as a sister-in-Christ.

Shortly after responding to his smile, we began conversing over the phone and emailing.  A month later, we met face-to-face. After our first meeting, we were inseparable. Patrick was my rock. As an active father of two, Patrick gave me much insight into the lives of my two sons, whom had no active father in their lives. Patrick touched my heart and the life of my boys. Patrick prayed with me and encouraged me as I worked full-time and attended school at night.

I knew Patrick was the answer to many of my heart-felt prayers. I now see what a blessing it can be when you allow God to write your love story! On July 11, 2013, in the presence of our sons, Patrick and I were married by his long-time pastor.  Our sons all shared a part in our ceremony. We are truly blessed because had it not been for such the awesome ministry of ChristianMingle, we would have never met!  

When I first joined ChristianMingle I thought that, if nothing else, I would at least be blessed to know other brothers in Christ. But God gave me so much more through Patrick!  Thank you, ChristianMingle for being God’s instrument in bringing Patrick and I to a place of unbelievable joy!

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