First and foremost, Ray and I wanted to thank ChristianMingle for being the bridge of communication that God sed to bring two of His flock together; for bringing together that love, which will be used to bring glory back to God.

Both of us have carried heavy baggage from previous relationships for many years. Honestly, I think we both almost gave up. But instead, we gave in. We had patience, and gave it all to God. It was our faith in God that gave us the courage to keep searching for that special someone. The one, who brings a sparkle to your eye, causes butterflies in your stomach, creates the feeling of coming home to loving arms at the end of a long day, as well as the one who rejoices in the Lord with you. What a feeling! And both of us wanted it.

ChristianMingle gave us the safe haven that both of us needed to communicate, and to learn to trust and let most of our baggage finally go. In the beginning, we spoke four to five times a day until the early hours of the morning. We learned more about each other in those few weeks than most couples come to know in a lifetime. After a few weeks, Ray and I decided to meet. One would think we would have been like nervous school kids, but as I drove to New Hampshire that first time, I felt like I was headed home. Both of us knew in an instant that some force stronger than the world, our loving Father, had answered our prayers. We were on our way towards the adventure of our lives.

On June 29, 2013, God smiled upon us as the sun appeared in the park, just as Ray and I were going to begin our vows. Our closest friends and family joined us to witness the abundance of love. As I walked over the bridge to my soul mate on the other side, my heart pounded as never before. When our eyes met, the love we saw in each other’s eyes gave us another form of peace, within our soul.

We began our journeys as two separate, very different beings, searching for love. In the end, we found that when we became one, the differences defined us as a couple, and it is our differences that balance each other out. There is no doubt about it; both of us are extremely grateful to ChristianMingle for bringing us together on our exciting journey. We would have never found each other on our own, without God directing each of us to ChristianMingle.

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