“OH MY!” were the words that softly, but uncontrollably, came from my mouth. No, actually they came from my heart. I had been on ChristianMingle for hours that night, clicking and reading profiles of countless ladies, each possessing good hearts and lovely faces, but none had spoken to my heart. Then there she was, a most beautiful face, smiling down at someone out of the photo. I was stopped, dead in my tracks, almost paralyzed, able only to stare. She was the one I had dreamed of for so many years. I knew it immediately.  In my dreams, I couldn’t see her face, but still she would cause so much love from my soul to spring forth, that when I’d awaken, I was heartsick and sometimes would weep. I would realize then it was only another dream of the same woman I longed to love and give my heart to, unconditionally.

As my senses returned, I hurriedly clicked on more photos. Again, my heart leaped. She was so beautiful! What was this woman doing on this site seeking a mate? Had some man, some fool, truly let her go? Then I checked her introduction and as I read it, my heart was incredibly moved with her articulate expression of her life’s trials and powerful faith in our Heavenly Father. The first sentence of the last paragraph read: “I’m not going to make a description of what or whom I’m looking for. He’ll know who he is.” As uncontrollably as the words “OH MY” had come forth, now came:  “It’s me, I’m him!”

Two weeks and two days later, I was on my way! It was 2,263 miles from Anchorage, Alaska to Saint George, Utah where I would meet the woman I knew the Lord had led me to. To say I was nervous would be the understatement of the century. She was even more beautiful in person, because of the way she moved, shyly smiled and because of her incredible voice, so filled with kindness. Brenda has a beautiful, but 100% disabled daughter named Rachel, for whom she has cared 24/7 for almost 23 years now.

Rachel weighs a diminutive 86 lbs. and is a 22 year old girl who suffers from “Ring Chromosome 14”, an extremely rare and crippling disease with no predictable life span. Every day, every moment is precious and Brenda cherishes each and every one of them. As I watched her care for and interact with Rachel, I loved her heart more and more. I have never seen such matchless selflessness in my life; an incomparable mother who had sacrificed her entire youthful years to caring for Rachel.

The Lord spoke to my heart, “Be patient.  Wait.” I don’t have a great deal of patience, especially when I have already determined my course. My Heavenly Father has had to repetitively draw me in ever since He saved me 22 years ago.

That was exactly ten weeks ago, just a brief 2 ½ months and over 9,000 miles (soon to be 13,500 miles) of travel between Alaska and Utah. It is as though our souls “recognized” each other and our commitment to each other is now undeniable. Our Father has spoken to both of us numerous times, affirming His approval and plan for us and just three days ago, Brenda told me she loved me and wanted to marry me. I swear I believe she even “asked” me to marry her.  I can recall no happier day in my life.

So, it is with deep appreciation that I thank ChristianMingle for being God’s instrument in bringing two of His children together.  Shoulder to shoulder we will walk together in His service, strengthening one another with each step into our future. I was blessed with not one, but two beautiful ladies with whom to spend innumerable days to come, not only now, but for Eternity. I don’t have that recurring dream of that faceless woman anymore. She now has a face, a body, a voice and the most beautiful heart I have known and she loves me, as I have loved her for so many years. Thank you, Jesus!

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