Christmas is just a few short weeks away, and you’re probably trying to figure out what to get for the gadget nut on your “nice” list. Black Friday deals this year are looking pretty promising for techno-geeks, so here’s the skinny on what you can expect from this year’s sales.

Glove Phone

Those “Inspector Gadget” cartoonists probably didn’t think they were predicting the future, but thanks to Sean Miles of Designworks in the United Kingdom, glove phones may be the next “must-have” techno-gadget. The device consists of recycled cell phone parts, a glove, and a Bluetooth device. You listen to your thumb and talk into your pinkie — and your hands will always be nice and warm.

Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

These wireless, rechargeable speakers are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, PDAs, MP3 players, PCs and laptops. The speakers can be moved anywhere to provide high-definition stereo sound and even contain a built-in microphone to allow you to answer calls while you listen to music. With these speakers, you can wirelessly listen to and control music from anywhere in your home or office.

Cobra Two-Way Radios

You might want to pick up a pair of these bad boys just to get your holiday shopping done — after all, you never know when you might lose your spouse or kids in the crowds. These radios have 22 channels and a 16-mile range and even have a built-in belt clip for ease of carrying.

Each pair comes with 6 rechargeable AAA batteries and a “Y” wall charger so they are always ready to go when you are. They can be used for camping, for keeping in contact at amusement parks, and yes, even for keeping tabs on each other when doing your holiday Black Friday shopping.

Digital Picture Frames

Why give grandma just one framed photo when you can give her a whole slide show? Digital picture frames have been coming down in price for the last couple of years and are expected to be included in this year’s Black Friday deals. Most range in size from seven inches to 15 inches and normally vary in price from $32 to $130. Some of them even play music or include a remote control. As for how many pictures they can store, that depends on the size and quality of your pictures, but most hold at least 10 or more.

Foldable Travel Headphones

These are a must for the geek-on-the-go. They still provide the rich, quality sound of most conventional headphones, but they easily fold up into a compact shape for safe, easy storage. They are also very lightweight and comfortable, and far more easy on the wallet than most other electronic gadgets (many models can be found for around $100.)

Gaming Systems

It just wouldn’t be Black Friday without crazy deals on gaming systems. As early as October, manufacturers were announcing pricing discounts for Black Friday sales. The Nintendo 3DS, a portable gaming console, is expected to sell for $120, compared to $200. The Nintendo Wii U, the successor to the popular Wii console, is expected to sell for $200, compared to normal pricing of over $400.

With the PlayStation4, or PS4, (release date November 15), shoppers will be able to purchase Sony’s latest entertainment console for $400. Target is reportedly offering a buy 2 PS4 games, get 1 free promotion for the week of the PS4 launch. The XBOX One, which will be making its debut in the U.S. on November 22nd, will be selling for under $500. And don’t forget the games — various games will also be on sale to complete the package.

Other Goodies

Plenty of other electronics are expected to be heavily discounted for Black Friday sales as well, such as flat screen LCD TVs, cell phones and tablets. Accessories and peripherals will also be on sale, such as car chargers, memory cards, cables and other necessities.

Stores like Best Buy are also planning on discounting things like appliances, cameras and other electronically operated devices. Chances are, there is something for everyone on your “nice” list when it comes to electronics.

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