Bethany & Mike 04Both of us had come from marriages of 17 years. Both of us had attempted the dating/relationship process again, and both were unsuccessful. We both came to the conclusion that if we wanted to find a Christian and be equally yoked, our chances of finding someone with the same beliefs and heart for God would be much easier if the selection was culled a little bit. This is what led us to ChristianMingle. We both had decided to try it out and committed to be prayerful and honest during the process.

After a few months of being a member on ChristianMingle, it happened. After reading a lot of profiles, looking at photos and interacting with other members, he was notified that someone had viewed his profile and so he viewed her profile, too. He sent her a smile and she smiled back. For several days, they were looking over the other’s profile and taking it all in. Because they already had some experience on the ChristianMingle site, they knew that there were people who misrepresented themselves and therefore hopes shouldn’t be too high. He began changing his information in his profile and leaving messages or clues for her. She began changing her profile information leaving messages in response. This intellectual flirting, combined with honesty and transparency, sparked a genuine interest in each other – an interest that led to a phone call.

It was Tuesday morning towards the end of May 2015 and she had given him her phone number, but there was some confusion. You see, on Sunday she had sent him her phone number through the ChristianMingle site, but he did not see the message until Monday morning. He was so excited that he when he wrote down her telephone number, he transcribed it wrong. He sent a text message on Monday morning stating her name and that he just got her message on ChristianMingle and asked her when a good time to call would be. By Monday evening, he still had not heard anything thing back from her. Early on Tuesday morning, he received a text message back saying that this is not the person that you are trying to text. He immediately went to his ChristianMingle inbox and saw that he had written the number wrong. He sent a message to the right number and immediately she responded asking if this was who she thought it was. He said yes and called her.

Bethany & Mike 03There seemed to be intrigue and interest going both ways and he asked her if she would like to get together for lunch, coffee or something casual. She told him that she was interested, so he asked her when she was available. She told him that she was available that day, Tuesday or Thursday. They decided to meet in a couple of hours and chose a popular restaurant that was about halfway in between them. They lived about 40 minutes driving time away from each other.

The nerves were high as they arrived at the restaurant. Once inside, they were both taken aback by the appearances of the other. They were seated and began talking. It was probably about the fourth or fifth trip that the waitress had made to the table before it was agreed that they should probably look at the menu; they just could not stop talking. The conversation continued until their food arrived at the table. Being who he is, he prayed over the food and then prayed over both of them. When he looked up she saw that she was moved to tears. They continued to have a pleasant talk well after they had finished eating and decided that a walk to a nearby coffee shop was in order to continue the conversation. After a few hours, their first date was more than one could hope for and they were already talking about when they could see each other again. The second date was set for Thursday and ending up being an all-day event complete with a stroll around a historic scenic overlook, a stroll through a park with a couple of waterfalls and a picnic, which she had prepared, underneath a waterfall. It was a perfect day and on the ride back to where his car was parked, they began sharing deep thoughts and beliefs. Each time one would share, the other held the same belief or feeling. It was pleasantly surprising and proof that, with diligence, ChristianMingle does allow someone the opportunity to find like-minded matches.

From that first date, they never stopped communicating and began spending all of their free time together. Both had been honest in that they were not looking to date casually or just find sex by participating in ChristianMingle; again, just a warning, but there are wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere. Both had told the other that their intentions were to find someone with whom they could be equally yoked and that they did expect to be married again someday. They had both fallen so definitely for each other that they began talking about the fact that they could see themselves spending the rest of their lives together. The culmination of creating two ChristianMingle profiles was an elopement to Kauai for a week and being married at the end of August in a tropical garden.

Bethany & Mike 02By sharing this, we are not condoning that if you meet someone on ChristianMingle that you should be all in and run off to get married. The reason that we are sharing this is to let you know that God is faithful and has told you to share the desires of your heart to Him. We are sharing our story to let you know that when you are honest and transparent, put God in the center and pray honest prayers that it is possible to find the love of your life on ChristianMingle and we pray that you be blessed.

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  1. Good story and good motivation to continue on this online dating.

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