I, Kenneth, posted my profile on ChristianMingle in September 2012. After receiving a couple of “smiles”, I paid for one month starting on Tuesday, September 25. One of the “smiles” commented on what I listed as my favorite restaurant: “Costco? Really? LOL! — Annie”. Sadly for Annie, I was telling the truth! I responded that I went for the chocolate dipped ice cream bars (with almonds!) and especially for the ambiance. Thus began a series of emails between us, and when we determined that there were no compatibility issues, I suggested that we meet. She set the time and place: Saturday, September 29 at noon at a local pizza establishment. Despite being nervous, it was a good first meeting and we talked over lunch for more than two hours!

Some issues were raised during that first meeting that we continued to discuss in depth via email over the remainder of the weekend. After much prayer and meditation, Annie sent me an email on the morning of Tuesday, October 2, breaking things off between us. I quickly dispatched a response to not “throw the baby out with the bath water”, and succeeded in changing her mind. The daily emails continued and we started to read through and comment on a Christian book together on Thursday nights. A second two-hour lunch date followed on Friday, October 12. By the following weekend, she was ready to give me her phone number and allowed me to pick her up at her home for our third date on Friday, October 19. We went to a local comedy club, and she even “volunteered” me to join them on stage for one of their skits. Afterwards, we sat outside on her patio on the love seat (so aptly named), listening to some jazz. That was when we shared our first kiss.

On Monday, October 22, we celebrated my birthday together, going out to eat at a little hole-in-the wall barbeque joint in a strip mall. We were the only customers in the place, with only the older husband-and-wife owners present, watching over us and even joining our conversation at times. By the end of the night, it was clear to both of us that we were in love.

The following morning she sent me an email indicating that she thought things might be going too fast between us. It’s not that she didn’t mind the speed, but rather we just might not be able to handle it. I responded that my commitment to Christ would allow us to handle whatever speed He would lead us, and that was all she needed to hear.

We started making wedding plans on November 1, setting our wedding date for February 23, 2013, the weekend after I would return from a two week trip to Hawaii with two other couples. Then we got a little smarter and moved the wedding date up to January 26. That would allow her to accompany me to Hawaii, turning it into our honeymoon.

The wedding and reception were held at my house — an intimate gathering of about 30 family members and close friends. The pouring down rain — something uncommon for Tucson — could not dampen out spirits. Her daughter was the maid of honor; my son was the best man. My siblings and their spouses flew in a couple of days ahead of the ceremony, turning the weekend into a family reunion.

We flew to Hawaii in the middle of the following week. Fortunately, we had the first three nights in Hawaii all to ourselves, with the two other couples not joining us until the weekend. They actually enjoyed being part of our honeymoon, and it was interesting to observe how the “honeymoon” spirit eventually spread to these four 30-year veterans of marriage as we got further into our stay together.

It seems unlikely that two people who meet online each find their match on their first “attempt”. They are not supposed to fall in love and start talking about marriage within a month, and then get married a mere four months after meeting. Sometimes it is truly amazing to watch God at work in our lives when we yield our own control and let Him have His way.

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