I first signed up for ChristianMingle because my sister-in-law threatened to sign me up if I didn’t do it first! She saw a ChristianMingle commercial the night before she talked me into joining. Although I saw the same commercial and was intrigued, I was wary because I had tried the conventional dating sites a year before but quickly closed my account. The same week I signed up, Bryan and his daughter saw a commercial for the site and she also threatened to sign him up! So, God used family members and, apparently your marketing team, to bring us together!

Our adventure began on June 5, 2011 when I “smiled” at Bryan, who was a 97% match for me! We continued chatting and emailing back and forth and then decided to meet. We knew immediately that this could be something special if we took our time and followed God’s will for us. It became obvious what a perfect match we are for one another because while we have so many similarities, our differences also fit together well. It’s amazing how God works! ChristianMingle allowed us to figure out what we were looking for and find that wonderful needle in a haystack. We couldn’t imagine our lives without one another so we decided to make it official!

On April 20, 2012, Bryan and I were married! I went from being single and divorced to having an amazing man by my side, 4 step-daughters (14, 16, 18 and 20), a son-in-law, and 3 dogs. The oldest has been married over a year and has given Bryan his first grandchild a few weeks ago! Life could not be more chaotic or wonderful.

At first, we weren’t comfortable telling people how we met. We kept saying we need to come up with a good story, but then we realized that dating has changed and online dating is the new norm. Now, whenever someone asks how we met we both laugh and say, ChristianMingle. We get a lot of looks, and a lot of “Really?!” We have been asked by several family members and friends to help them set up an account and were told by some who recommended ChristianMingle to others based on how happy they see we are.

It’s amazing how powerful God is and how loving a God He is to bring two previously broken and hurt people together in order to allow them to experience the kind of love He created us for. We are truly blessed and thank God every day (multiple times a day) for blessing us with one another! Thank you ChristianMingle for being a part of our new beginning!

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