“Somebody needs to do this,” The man spoke earnestly to his friend who works in the school.

He had been praying and felt it was extremely important.

“That someone is you,” his friend said.

With that wise commission, this beloved coach chose to leave his comfort zone and begin a Bible study that was open to all the kids in the high school.

The day arrived and both the doors and the coach’s heart were open.

One boy showed up.

And Jesus smiled.

This young man knew the coach, having played on his team. Unbeknownst to the coach, he had given his life to Christ last year during summer camp in the mountains.

But he was struggling to live his faith because he lacked a mentor. It’s hard for any of us to bravely live our faith in the midst of a sea of unbelievers; it is even more so for a young athlete trying to shine his light in the midst of a public high school.

Now this boy had a mentor and the coach rejoiced in how faithful Jesus is to meet us when we are willing to take one step outside of our comfort zones.

As I took a walk around the high school track the day after this happened, I found my eyes filling with tears at the tenderness of our magnificent Savior. In that building of hundreds, Jesus heard the prayers of one young man’s heart and He provided another one of His own to come alongside him just when he needed it most.

If you know Jesus, you are always being pursued by Him.

He hears your prayers.

He sees your need.

He knows the desires of your heart even more intimately than you do.

He cares.

He provides just what you need when you need it.

Keep your eyes open today to all the varied ways that He may answer your prayers. See who He might send across your path.

And if you feel Him inviting you to step out of your comfort zone … do it.

You never know who might be the beneficiary of your brave choice.

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