I always had reservations about online dating, but working third shift in a hospital in a small town wasn’t going to give me outstanding opportunities to meet the godly man of my dreams. So, lo and behold, I made an account on ChristianMingle! I kept telling myself that I deserved to be pursued, and that’s when Joshua happened!


The last week in June of 2012, Joshua started sending me smiley faces (and later on admitted that he was my secret admirer). We continued talking through email, and after the first couple of emails, I knew he had to be a great guy because he made me physically laugh out loud through one of his emails. Later that week we swapped phone numbers, and we graduated from sending emails to spending hours on the phone talking to each other.


On Saturday, July 7, 2012, we met halfway for the first time, having our first date at a Starbucks in Grand Blanc, MI. The following Saturday we met halfway again for another date. Eventually, I started driving to Mount Clemens to visit him for a couple days, but would stay with my aunt who lived only ten minutes away from him, which was very convenient! In March of 2013 we started talking about me moving down to Mount Clemens so there would be no commuting. Two months later I got a job at the hospital only five minutes away from where Joshua lived! His parents said I could move in with them to save money, and so I did!  


On Thursday August 22, 2013, what I thought was a normal bike ride to the park turned out to be not-so-normal. Joshua took me on a bike ride to a very gorgeous park where I once told him I wanted to get married someday. Upon our arrival, he took me for a walk that led to a romantic picnic that had yellow flower petals spread out on a blanket in a secluded area near some waterfalls. After we finished our delicious lunch of exotic fruits, cheeses, olives and a gourmet salad, he suggested that we go for another walk “to see” the park. Once we approached the bridal garden, he turned to me and started talking seriously. My stomach dropped, and I could no longer understand a word he was saying. He then reached for his back pocket, knelt down on one knee and said, “Will you do the honor of taking my hand in marriage?”  I screamed! I couldn’t believe it! I even had to ask him if he was being serious! He was asking me THE question every girl dreams of hearing! The most special night ended with a fancy dinner for two at Coach Insignia, with a beautiful view and sunset, and a very happy couple.


For the next eleven months we had fun planning our special day and got married on July 26, 2014! And yes, we got married in the bridal garden where he proposed!


I honestly couldn’t have picked a better man for myself. He is truly amazing and one of a kind! He faithfully shows me Christ’s love for the church, desires to take care of me, and helps me grow spiritually. If it wasn’t for ChristianMingle, and God’s grace and mercy allowing us to cross paths, we would have never found each other. To this day we are so grateful and thank God for bringing us together!


What really made our experience on ChristianMingle so successful was the fact that it was a safe place for people to meet who were truly looking for a godly spouse. It was a very inexpensive resource that has forever changed our lives for the good! Thank you, ChristianMingle, for all that you do in order for others to find love!

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