I was working at a hospital in Denver, CO when I decided to join ChristianMingle. My “match” (now my husband), was serving in Germany with the USAF.  From the moment I sent him one of those silly little “smiles” we have talked every day since.  That was June 3, 2013.

I took a huge step when I agreed to fly to Germany to meet him in mid-September of that year!  But I felt I already knew him after talking with him consistently every day for three months.  We met in person for the first time at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, and I can’t even begin to describe how I felt.  It was exactly like a fairy tale!

We got along just as well as when we would use FaceTime, or talk over the phone, or email each other.  He got down on his knee three days after we met at the airport (which was also my birthday), and I have been the happiest woman ever since.  Because of uncertainties regarding his military career, we decided to marry on December 27, 2013, only six months after meeting on ChristianMingle.  I honestly think it was the best decision we could have made.

We have been happily married for just over seven months now.  I’m living in Germany with him and we are traveling the world together.  Had someone told me two years ago that this is where I would be today, I would have smiled and said, “I wish!”  Fact is, God answers prayers.  Don’t give up on Him, because He has a perfect plan for your future!

Thank you ChristianMingle, for being the gateway to this beautiful, new journey Mark and I get to enjoy and experience together!

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