I had thrown in the towel when it came to finding the right man for me; and after seeing numerous ChristianMingle commercials, I decided it was God’s turn to lead the way. 

I signed up for a 6-month subscription and let the journey begin. I had met several men that fit my preferences, but none of them were the man God had intended for me. Towards the end of my subscription though, Bobby created a profile after being persuaded by his best friend. He was looking for someone unlike the women he was previously attracted to.

On June 22ndof 2013, he found me on ChristianMingle. Since he was out-of-town for work, we conversed via text messages and phone calls. Neither of us wanted a long distance relationship and God answered. We lived only twenty minutes away from each other in Springfield, MO. My subscription was getting ready to expire, so I sent him one last message, asking if he wanted to go dancing with me at Midnight Rodeo, a local honkytonk. I taught him how to line and partner dance… we have been dancing ever since.

Bobby and I started dating exclusively on July 4th of 2013 after a night at the Springfield Cardinals game. While dating, we shared many great adventures, met families and friends, and strengthened our faith. Many struggle with upholding their faith in relationships. I was born catholic; whereas Bobby was born Baptist. We shared many faith-based conversations and attended one another’s churches in order to fully support each of our faith promises. God truly built our relationship like a puzzle, everything fell into place naturally. One of the biggest commitments that we made was to be chaste until marriage. On June 24th of 2014 Bobby proposed to me at our new home by means of a scavenger hunt of DVDs. The support from our loved ones was unbelievable! The engagement was short, but we had known that God had intended us for marriage for several months prior. Finally, we were joined by family and friends from near and far to celebrate our wedding day on October 18th of 2014. Thanks to ChristianMingle, God has filled our lives with unending blessings.

Our advice to other people seeking a relationship is: run towards God and as your run look to see who is running with you. Also, when entering a new relationship, use commonsense. Hold true to your values, morals, and faith; these are vital components of your personality. Beyond that, always remember to follow your instincts as it will never steer you wrong.

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