Peter’s Story:

My name is Peter, and I had seen the TV ads for ChristianMingle several times and thought to myself, “Hey, it couldn’t hurt to at least check out the site and see if there really were other singles in my area on this site as well”. I had tried other online dating websites in the past and did not have good luck with them, so I was very skeptical about how I would do on this one. I was nervous about doing the online dating because I was a divorced dad with a 9 year old son and I was not sure how things were going to go. I did a lot of praying, and then one night while browsing late at night, I spotted an entry with the user name of “warmbeach123”. I don’t know what it was about that name, but I clicked on her profile and was absolutely amazed by what I read. I felt as if God was saying “This is the woman I have set aside just for you and your son”.

I sent her a “smile” and waited for a few days before I got a “smile” back, I then started to email her and it would be several days before I would get a reply back from her.  We finally felt comfortable enough to give each other our names and personal email addresses.  We started emailing back and forth every day and then we finally decided to meet in person for some coffee.

The day we met, I was a nervous wreck, but once I saw her pull into the parking lot, and I saw her for the first time, I knew she was the one that I had been waiting for and we just hit it off so well.  We met for coffee on about a weekly basis at the local coffee shop and after a few weeks, I got up enough courage to tell her that I was falling in love with her. She was totally shocked that someone could fall in love that quickly, but as time went on, we both realized that we were made for each other and brought together by God.  

Allicia’s Story:

My name is Allicia, I had joined ChristianMingle in July of 2013, as a Birthday gift to myself.  I had felt God’s prompting each time I saw the commercial on TV. I had never done online dating before and was more than a little hesitant. I had raised 3 children and my youngest was still at home and had just begun high school. I had been divorced for 10 years and never dated during that time. My family was my priority and kept me more than a little busy. I had communicated and even met one other member from C.M. but we decided to just remain friends. I had come to the conclusion that the Lord may have called me to remain single and I was asking him for His help to accept this as His will. I even went as far as telling my daughter that when my membership was up at the end of January 2014, I would not renew it.

Peter sent me a smile on Dec 27, 2013, I did not respond right away, he then followed up with a couple of cards.  I prayed about responding and felt a peace about doing so. This began our emailing back and forth.  After about 3 weeks, we exchanged phone numbers, it was wonderful to finally hear his voice.  We decided to meet, our first meeting was January 11, 2014.  During this period, I had my daughter view his profile and she encouraged me to meet him.  The day we met, I was a wreck.  As I left the house that day, I said to my daughter, “That’s it, I won’t be doing this again, this is the last date I will go on.”  Little did I know how fateful those words would end up being.  We decided to meet at a diner near my home.  Peter had mentioned he gives big hugs.  As soon as I got out of my car he came over and hugged me.  We had coffee many times after that first meeting and we always hated to say goodbye to each other.       In the Month of February, Peter invited me to attend an Installation Banquet, for the Fire Dept he works for.  That was the evening we knew that we were quickly falling head over heels in love.  I found this exciting  and a little scary.  I had been on my own for a little over 12 years by this time and had become very independent.  I put my full faith and trust in God. 

On May 26th 2014, my daughter’s 15th Birthday, Peter asked me to become his wife.  We originally planned an October 2015 wedding, however, as we began to plan, nothing was falling into place.  One morning, during my devotional time, I prayed to God and again asked for His direction and will.  Immediately I felt God direct me that we should be planning to wed sooner.  We in fact married August 8th 2014.  It has been an amazing first year.  Peter is my best friend and husband.  We of course have had our challenges… he has had 2 hospital stays and I was diagnosed with Severe R.A. and an small brain tumor add to that the challenge of combining 2 families and we both can honestly say that there is never a dull moment!  I would encourage anyone that is looking for the love of their life NOT to give up but to put your full trust in God and pray for His direction and guidance.  His will, not ours. In His perfect timing.  We both would fully recommend ChristianMingle and have on several  occasions. ”I tell you the truth,my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.”  John 16:23.

Thank you ChristianMingle

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