I always knew that God had special someone for me, but I was having a hard time finding him on my own. After years of not so good relationships and wondering why God was sending these far from compatible men into my life, I started wondering if my special someone was even out there. Months and months went by as I was toyed with the idea of online dating. With support from family and friends, I decided to take a leap of faith and joined ChristianMingle. I was scared because I had never done anything like this before, but I was upfront and honest when it came to my profile and then left it in God’s hands; I soon became excited for the future God had in store for me. 

I began talking to David on ChristianMingle in early July of 2013. I always looked forward to David’s e-mails; he made me laugh, smile and unlike all the other guys I ever dated, he was genuinely interested in me. After exchanging e-mails back and forth for the remainder of the month, we decided that we wanted to meet each other in person. David was very respectful when it came down to where and when we would meet as he left everything up to me. We met at a local Starbucks on August 11, 2013. What was supposed to be a one to two hour date turned into a seven hour date!  We ended up going to dinner after our afternoon coffee and ended up closing down the restaurant! We couldn’t stop talking and we felt like we had known each other for years. We had so much in common; from hobbies to similar personalities, and shared faith and values. That night we left each other knowing that we were a match made in heaven.

After that night, we texted, talked on the phone, and saw each other almost every single day. We were able to get to know each other even more, and we were always happy to see each other. Nothing else seemed to matter; we had finally found each other.

David proposed in front of our Christmas tree on December 17, 2013. There was an ornament on the tree that said, “I love you!” with a handmade tag that read, “Merry Christmas!” David pulled the ring from the tree and got down on one knee as tears streamed down my face; of course I said “yes!” I am incredibly blessed and grateful to have David in my life, and I can’t wait to call him my husband! Our wedding date is set for November 15, 2014.

God really does know what He is doing. Just take that leap of faith. I’m glad I did!


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