In 2004, Chester and I both experienced a devastating year. In the exact same month, we both lost our spouses and became widowed. Throughout this season of loss and devastation, we never dreamed of finding love again, but God had a different plan for us.

In April 2006, we were both members on ChristianMingle, and had joined primarily to get back into the social scene and meet new friends. We met a lot of wonderful people on the site and felt comfortable with the community. After both sating YES on the Secret Admirer feature, we began to email one another. We quickly discovered that we had experienced similar situations in losing our spouses, and the grief that comes with it. We were thrilled and excited to feel that instant connection to one another. After the first conversation on ChristianMingle Chester actually said he felt so much more than friendship. And, after those first few chats we knew in our hearts we would never part.

We saw many success stories on ChristianMingle who thought they were far apart from each other by living in different States, but we were an Ocean apart! Chester lived in the US and I lived in Cyprus, so we were nearly 6,000 miles apart. The distance wasn’t easy, but when you find true love like we did, nothing was going to stop us from having faith in God that we would be somehow be together. After almost one year of emailing, Skpe and countless text messages, we actually managed to save enough money, so that I could visit Chester.

In May 2007 Chester and I made it official and got engaged, while I was visiting him in the states! Less than two years later, on Valentine’s Day we were married in North Carolina. It was the most perfect day!

Here we are almost three years later, married and more in love each day! God brought us together by way of ChristianMingle and we are so thankful for that and continue to grow in love and happiness.

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