It was cold. Okay, not really, but it was a drastic change from the weather we’d been having. One of the first cold days of the season. I almost opted not to run, but bundled up and hit the road. 

Whoa! It was colder than I thought. I was going to give up. For the first mile and a half I intended to turn around and head home. 

For some reason … I kept going. 

I ran five miles. I ran five incredible miles. Or at least three miles were amazing. It was a great run. 

It was a great reminder. 

Much of life is that way. 

The reason many of us never finish … the reason we don’t realize our dreams … is not because we don’t have them. It’s not even that we didn’t start. 

The problem is often that we gave up too soon.

We couldn’t endure the chilly start long enough. We opted too quickly for the warm recliner. We didn’t last the test of time. 

The last few miles are usually worth the misery of the first few. 

Are you tempted to give up your dream?

Not yet! Keep running. You’re getting warmer.

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