Moms are the best

And their job isn’t easy

First off, they grew us

(And sometimes felt queasy)

After they birthed us

And then kept us fed                                                                                                

Plus changed our diapers

And helped make our beds

As we got older

They often said ‘No!’

To some of our antics

But it sure helped us grow

Into people of God

Yes, for us there’s no other

Then our wonderful, caring, hardworking


So for you who have mamas

But not tons of money

You can still make her happy

(No we’re not being funny)

Check out 10 little things

We know that she’ll love

Just watch her thank you

And the good Lord above

One, make a phone call – it doesn’t take much

Tell her you love her (Yes, that is enough)

Two, write her a letter – jot down some good times

Those memories are better than silver and wine

Three, okay, let’s get real – go get her some wine

You can drink up together and toast the good times

Four, write her a poem, she’ll like that, too!

Just remember the words “Mama, I sure love you.”

Five, take her to dinner, a picnic would work

Hand pick some flowers – that would be a nice perk!

Six, send her candy

Seven, buy slippers

(If it’s from her kid she’ll find it quite chipper!)

Now for the finale, here’s nine and here’s 10

And really, we say it again and again

That God made your mama, so send up a prayer

Let the Lord know how thankful you are – how you care!

Ask Him to bless her

That’s the best way

To give mom a gift

On this Mother’s Day!


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