Several years ago I went up in the Sears Tower in Chicago. The higher that the glass elevator soared, the more I pressed against the wall, closed my eyes, and hoped that I’d make it through the ride. Not just a little afraid. It was almost paralyzing.

When you are a strong person, overwhelming fear is frustrating.

Last year I made a “bucket list” and one of the items was to conquer my fear of heights.

In order to do that I had to face the fear head on.

I chose zip lining as my David vs. Goliath moment. 

As I climbed up the 64 steps to the tower (yes I counted), I felt like I was going to free fall.

When I stood on the edge of the first tower, I wanted to go back. The teeny tiny ledge they asked me to step on, with nothing around me but air, seemed an impossibility.

But then I stepped off. . .

And it was exhilarating!

I zipped across the tops of trees. I could see across the countryside. I felt light. Free.

I wish I could say that it was an instant cure, but it didn’t work that way.

I continually had to face my fear, crossing rope bridges that swayed in the wind several stories above the ground.

I had to climb more towers. There were times as I zipped nearly a half a mile on a section of the course that I twisted in the wind, turning completely backwards.

Maybe that is what God is trying to tell us when he takes us into the harder parts of our faith.

Conquering our fears is less about the obstacle than it is about letting go.

At one point I was standing on the highest tower and I realized that I was not holding to the cable.

The tower was swaying gently. I was crowded in by people who pushed me closer to the edge (normally a panic trigger). I could see down and I was actually seeing what was below, instead of battling my fears.

“Hey,” I said to my son. “Normally I’d be so afraid right now.”

He smiled broadly. ‘Way to go, mom!”

Then I stepped off one last time. . . and took my hands off the cable and spread my arms open wide.

I was flying and I wasn’t afraid anymore.

Is God asking you to let go of a fear?

Or to walk in the harder parts of your faith as you let go of the past, or anger, or unforgiveness?

Take a step of faith today. What might that look like for you? Share a verse that has encouraged you in the harder parts of your faith.

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